Dolium One-Way PET Kegs


12.5L Slim Line MINI 
(see specifications)

20L Slim Line
(see specifications)

30L Prime
(see specifications)

  • High Quality PET One-Way Keg
  • American Standard Sankey "D" Type Fitting
  • Integrated Pressure Release Valve (PRV)
  • Comes Sterile and Ready to Fill
  • CO2 or N2 Flushed and P @ 1 Bar
  • UV Protection
  • O2 and CO2 Barriers
  • 100% Recyclable; Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Made in Belgium

    Access these links & documents to learn more:

    Handling & Safety Instructions

    Dolium Website

    Filling/Washing Tools & Instructions

    Spear Extraction Tool Instructions 

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